Jewelry & Watch Repair

From ring sizing to diamond setting, we have been doing it all for 20 years. Our in-house jeweler has over 32 years experience. He has the quality workmanship skills your jewelry needs! Our trained staff can assist you in anything from selecting a new setting, to repair work, to changing watch batteries while you wait. We always do free jewelry cleaning and inspections so come visit with us today!


Silver, Gold, and Platinum

For Rings: Sizing up or down, Soldering a broken shank, Replacing a thin shank, Soldering wedding sets together, and Rhodium plating. 

For Settings: Re-tip or replace worn or broken prongs, Replace missing or broken stones and Re-setting stones into a new mounting.

For Chains: Soldering broken places, Building up weak spots, and Replacing worn or broken clasps. 
                                                      Custom Design: Here at King Jewelers we want to make sure you have the piece of jewelry you have been longing for. We can create a custom piece of jewelry to your exact needs. If you have a piece in mind you are wanting to recreate or want to build an all new piece, we are always happy to assist you in the custom piece of jewelry you have been dreaming of! 


Batteries: Most while you wait          

Regular Back-$10                          

Multiple Screws Back-$15 

Watch Links: With most watches we remove links while you wait at no charge. Depending on the model, link removal can cost $5-$10+.                 Replace missing pins- $5 and up

More than a battery: $65 and up      More in-depth repairs on watches normally take  6-8 weeks. All repairs start at $65. We will call with an exact estimate if your repair costs runs higher. Estimates take 2 weeks on average. If the repair cost is more than you are willing to spend on repairing your watch, we will get it back to you at no charge.

All estimates are free.        

Additional Services


We restring pearl or stone necklaces. Prices vary for wire restringing. Typical string or silk thread:                                          

$2 per inch without knots                                              

$3 per inch with knots.



Appraisals for insurance are $75 for the first piece or $150 for three pieces. Each additional piece after 3 is $50 each. Insurance appraisals have the most detailed information. We research each aspect of your piece and include three copies; one for you, one for your insurance company, and one that we keep in case yours are ever misplaced. We also give an estimated retail value and general description in an informal appraisal on letter head for $40 per item.

Jewelry Inspection & Cleaning:

We recommend having your jewelry inspected at least twice a year. Inspections are most important for rings because they receive the most daily abuse, but we will gladly inspect any piece of jewelry for you, free of charge. We also offer free jewelry cleaning. There is nothing like the power of steam to get your stones sparkling again! We offer both in just a few minutes and always for FREE!

Our jeweler at work

Let us give your jewelry the care it deserves!

All prices are subject to change depending on the condition of the jewelry.